Lacing onto Mount Board

You will need:

  • Mount board cut to the size of the finished picture
  • Strong sewing thread such as a linen or button thread
  • Glass headed pins
  • Circular needle or large crewel needle

Before you start
Gently press out any ring marks in the background fabric by placing the embroidery face down into a soft towel and dry ironing (no steam) on the back. If the fabric is delicate or has a pile (eg velvet), cover with a tea towel first or hold the iron just above the material so that it does not touch. If in doubt, test press on a part of the fabric which will be folded over to the back of the board first. With the right side facing, decide on the finished size of the picture remembering to leave enough room for frames, decorative mounts etc. Measure and mark the centre points of each side of the embroidery with a pin. Cut the mount board to size and mark the centre points of each side.


Click on an image to see a larger version.

centre the embroidery on the board

Step 1

Position the embroidery on the mountboard so that the design sits in centre. Match the centre points with those marked on the board and pin.

pin to board

Step 2

Working from the centre out, and alternating sides, gently pull the fabric tight and pin to the board. The fabric grain should be straight on each edge.

pinning and stretching on board

Step 3

Keep adding pins until the fabric is securely fastened. The design should be centred and evenly stretched over the board.

folding fabric on back of the board

Step 4

With the back facing, fold the excess fabric flat making sure you do not disturb any pins.

folding corner fabric into mitres

Step 5

To mitre corners, fold the fabric over the corners towards the centre of the board and finger press along fold.

ladder stitching first corner's mitre

Step 6

Fold sides over the first corner so that the mitre sits neatly. Ladder stitch or oversew in place.

stitching the rest of the mitres

Step 7

Repeat Step 6 for the remaining 3 corners.

starting to lace

Step 8

Thread needle with strong thread but do not cut from reel. Starting at the centre, lace the first 2 sides with stitches roughly 1.5-2.5cm (0.5-1") apart. Secure the thread at the edge and cut. Return to the centre.

lacing the rest of the row

Step 9

Roughly estimate the length of thread needed to finish the row and cut from reel. Rethread needle and lace the second half. Starting from the opposite (secured) end, work along the row tightening the lacing by pulling each loop and holding while you pull the next one. Secure the thread.

lacing together the other 2 sides

Step 10

Repeat Steps 8 and 9 to lace the other 2 sides.

the finished article

Step 11

Remove the pins.