Elbesee Embroidery Frames and Stands

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We stock Elbesee embroidery frames and stands because of their quality. The frames are made from close-grain beech and are well-finished with smooth edges and beeswax polish. Their stands are made from polished hardwood.

Elbesee seat frame

Seat Frame

Size of Embroidery Ring: 25cm (10")

Fabric is held tight by the wide embroidery ring which can be adjusted in both height and angle to give a comfortable working position.

10" seat frame: £25.00

Elbesee embroidery hoop with stalk

Elbesee Embroidery Rings with Stalk

Size of Embroidery Ring: 20cm (8") or 15cm (6")

Additional embroidery rings for smaller projects. Each ring is fitted with a stalk for use in seat, table or floor stands. Available in 2 sizes: 20cm or 15 cm

8" (20cm)  £7.80




6" (15cm)  £6.65

Elbesee versatile clamp and stalk

Elbesee Versatile Clamp and Stalk

This adjustable clamp on a stalk allows hand-held embroidery rings and roller frames to be used with seat, table or floor stands. Suitable for embroidery rings up to 12" and roller frames up to 12"x9".

Clamp and Stalk: £5.95

Elbesee hand-held roller frame

Elbesee Roller Frame

Size of Frame: 30cm (12")

Hand-held roller frame with tape on rollers for attaching fabric. Suitable for use in seat, table and floor stands if used with the Elbesee Versatile Clamp.

12" Roller Frame: £10.50

Twizzler wingnut tightener

Elbesee Twizzler

The Twizzler is an easy-grip tool designed to sit comfortably in your hand as you gently tighten or loosen the wingnuts on frames and stands.

Twizzler: £3.85
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